Pastor Richard's last Sunday will be February 27, 2022
Letter of Resignation

Peace be with you!

It is with sadness that I write to tell you I am resigning as pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church. My last Sunday will be 27 February 2022.

During the last eight years God has provided for our congregation in so many ways. Physically, spiritually, and financially, members and friends have responded to God’s call to live together in this community of faith and reach out to the larger community in which we live. We have done many things right together.

The next few years hold challenges and opportunities for St. John’s. They will require renewed commitment by the congregation and, I believe, new pastoral leadership. I will say more in my annual report.

I made my decision with prayerful consideration and with the consultation of our bishop, Andrew Taylor, and several colleagues. It is not a decision I made lightly or without heartache.

After 27 February, I will continue to serve as Senior Pastor at Calvary Lutheran. The challenges and opportunities there need more of my attention. I will focus on the health issues that continue to plague me. I will set aside time for continuing education and personal retreat. And I will take Tracy out for the occasional Sunday brunch.

Congregation President Corie Bickford and Bishop Taylor will be talking soon about making provision for interim pastoral care and the next steps leading St. John’s forward.

I thank God for you all and the honor you bestowed upon me to serve as your pastor. I love you all. In Christ, PR

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